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Present: Revd Dr Janet Anderson-MacKenzie, Chair JAM

John Tucker, Churchwarden JT

Sylvia Walker, Treasurer SW

Anne Newton, Parish Secretary AN

Phil Daniels, LLM PD

Tim Hammond TH

Freddy Connolly FC

Rhoda Daniels, Minutes Secretary RD

1. Opening Prayers were lead by PD

Apologies for Absence Andrew Clark AC, Clair Southgate CS, Carol Gale CG, Jenny Hobbs JH

2. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

Minutes of the meeting on 11th March 2009 were approved and signed by JAM.

3. Notification of Any Other Business

- Leadership development

- PCC vacancy

- Election of PCC Roles:

Treasurer: SW. Proposed by RD and Seconded by FC. Approved unanimously.

Parish Secretary: AN. Proposed by PD and Seconded by FC. Approved unanimously.

Minutes Secretary: RD. Proposed by SW and Seconded by JT. Approved unanimously.

Vice Chair: AC. Proposed by TH and Seconded by SW. Approved unanimously.

Standing Committee Members: JAM, Churchwardens CS and JT, Vice Chair AC, LLM PD, Secretaries AN and RD, Treasurer SW. Approved by the PCC. The role of the StC was briefly discussed and it was agreed there has been too much duplication between the PCC and StC. This will be addressed in the coming year.

4. Material Matters:

Spire Works: The lightning conductor has been inspected. This needs to be connected to the RSJs supporting the bells. RE will get a quote. Rough estimate £200-300. Action: RE

It was noted that the stonework supporting the RSJs has deteriorated/cracked further. The church architect has inspected and advised urgent repairs must be carried out. The church bells may still be rung. . RE will get a quote. Rough estimate £2000-3000. The Friends will discuss if they are able to support this work. SW will check amounts available in the Fabric Fund. Action: RE/SW

Chancel Lighting: Faculty already in place. Planned lights – a vertical track in each corner of the chancel. An up and down lighter on each – white lights. Central positional light on each – could be coloured for productions etc. All lights individually dimmable. RE will get quotes: Action: RE

Electrical Work: RE is seeking a quote for a light switch by the North Door for the security of those locking and unlocking the church. It was suggested later in the meeting that a movement sensitive switch may be helpful to light the church for visitors. Action: RE

North Aisle Pews: JAM suggested a meeting to involve everybody in discussions and a letter to everyone on the electoral roll outlining the options and giving the opportunity to vote on their preferred option.

Options – 1 Rescind the Faculty and leave the pews

2 Shorten the pews at the pillar and replace with movable pews

3 Shorten the pews at the pillar and replace with sturdy chairs

4 Shorten the pews at the pillar and create a special carpeted area from the

Hazelbury Chapel to develop a designated prayer space + sturdy chairs.

Timescales were discussed. It was agreed that with the time and financial resources available the work and growth of the church would best be furthered by concentrating efforts on the South Aisle Project and emergency works needed on the spire. JAM will find out the implications of parking the North Aisle Project for the indeterminate term. It was agreed full consultation would take place before the North Aisle Project was taken any further. Action: JAM

Chimney Works: Work will go ahead on 22-24th June as a Minor Work. Estimated cost £400-500. Thanks were recorded to Charlie Tull for loan of scaffold tower. Action: RE

South Aisle Floor: Sanding to take place 22-24th June. Action: RE

Churchyard Wall: JAM has discussed with the Archdeacon who has advised her to contact the Registry to clarify ownership of the wall. Action: JAM

South Aisle Project: Plans were viewed. Proposals: Three brass plaques on the stonework by the organ to be moved onto the adjacent woodwork to allow maintenance of the wall. Two stone memorials moved from above the arches to the South Wall where they will be seen better. This will also allow up/down lighters to be installed at the top of each pillar and above each window in the South Aisle. Two spotlights are also proposed to light the musician’s area. Repair of plaster and decoration. The war memorials, flags and banner to be moved from the cluttered kitchen area to a position of prominence in the main church either side of the West Door. This will also allow access to the kitchen wall for maintenance and increased the scope of future developments in the kitchen area. The outside of the South Aisle needs to be repointed to reduce water penetration. The DAC will need to advise on whether the current central lights will be removed.

Architects estimation of costs: Architect Fees £2K, Electrical work £4K, Moving memorials, plasterwork, repointing and decoration £8.5 – 9.5K. The Friends have agreed to pay for the architects fees. They hope to fundraise for the building work. Electrical costs will have to be met by the PCC. SW will check charitable sources such as SPAB. Action: SW

The PCC resolved to apply for a DAC certificate for the proposed South Aisle Works (the first step towards getting Faculty Approval). Action: RE

Sound System – chancel loop: This will be installed 1st June: Action: Charles Freeman

5. Committee and Working Groups – item postponed till next PCC meeting.

These groups currently comprise:

· Finance Committee

· Worship Group

· Publicity Group

· Music Group

· Social Committee

The PCC is asked to discuss the role and remit of these groups, decide if they are still needed and what alternative groups may be needed. PCC to agree who may like to be part of each group both from inside and outside the PCC.

· JAM suggested a Children’s / Youth Committee is required.

6. Growth Plan:

JAM reported on progress.

Saturday Prayers: happening

10-12 church opening: Seldom used on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the costs of heating the church had worked out more than estimated. The PCC agreed the 10-12am opening would be reduced to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The situation would be reviewed again in September.

Pastoral Care Team: Happening. JAM will print off more flyers

Rudloe: Jam will meet with the leaders of the new Icthus affiliated house church in Rudloe soon. A joint project for the summer was suggested.

Children’s Work: Sunday Stars now happening. It was discussed that little provision was made for 18-25/young adults. Youth workers are needed. It was agreed that the regular church teenagers may be allowed to help out with Sunday Stars.

Breakfasts: Happening – hard to get volunteers in the summer months when many people are away.

And for the future: Prayer Chain – JAM will formally commission Action: JAM

Prayer and Healing Ministry and Lay training: to be discussed at the church away day

Review of Worship Styles: Action by the Worship Committee

7. Away Day: Away Day for anyone from the church congregation. The PCC agreed this would be on Saturday 19th September. JAM will find out if Bathampton Church is available again. Action: JAM RD will publicise the date. Action: RD

8. Leadership Team/Benefice staffing:

It has been confirmed that Alice Kemp will be a self supporting curate in this Benefice for 3-4 years starting summer 2010. PCC agreed to meet her expenses.

Church Secretary: The possibility of employing a church secretary to help with JAM’s workload was discussed. JAM will consider if she would find this useful. SW will look into the financial implications re our Parish Share. Action: JAM/SW

9. Finance and charitable giving:

SW reported that Chapel Plaister has budgeted to spend £1K on a new velvet curtain over the door. This will be replaced soon. All were in agreement.

Charitable Giving Project: This need to be advertised again on the website, notice boards and database. JAM will send RD electronic copies of flyers for circulation. Action: JAM/RD

10. Open Gardens

The Friends will be holding a bookstall at STAB. The church may wish to have a cakes/flowers/vegetable produce stall. JT raised the question of insurance implications should someone be injured whilst visiting a garden. JAM thought this may be covered via Ecclesiastical Insurance. She will check as she has the policy document. RD will email Simon Hewes for advice. Action: JAM/RD

11. Organ

Faculty awaited.

12. Reports from Synods.

The new Diocese Strategy has been accepted. This will need to be discussed at the next PCC meeting.

13. Correspondence. None.

14. Any Other Business

Leadership Development: JAM has arranged a Quiet Day for the Benefice Church Leaders (JAM, CS, PD, Alice Kemp and John Ayers). Cost £20 each. The PCC approved funding of this from the ‘Administration’ budget. John Ayers to be paid for by St Christopher’s PCC.

PCC Vacancy: The PCC are happy for JAM to approach Judy Seager to fill this vacancy.

Phillipa Mullins: The PCC agreed to thank Phillipa for all her hard work as church warden at the Patronal Festival in July.

15. Dates of future meetings.

Agreed as:

PCC Wed 20th May

St C Monday 22nd June (Apologies CS, RD, PD. JT has agreed to take minutes)

PCC Thur 9th July

St C Monday 7th September

PCC Away day Saturday 19th September

PCC Wed 30th September

St C Monday 2nd November

PCC Thur 26th November

St C Tuesday 12th January

PCC Wed 27th Jan

St C Tuesday 23rd February

PCC Thur 11th March

APCM – Wednesday 21st April

The Meeting ended with The Grace.