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Present: Revd Dr Janet Anderson-MacKenzie JAM (Chair)

Andrew Clark, Vice Chair AC

Clair Southgate, Churchwarden CS

Sylvia Walker, Treasurer SW

Phil Daniels PD

Jenny Eaton JE

Tim Hammond TH

Carol Gale CG

Diana Northey DN

Rhoda Daniels, Secretary RD

1. Opening Prayers Phil read the prayers chosen by HOST youth group for their service

Apologies for Absence. Jane Cox, Phillipa Mullins, Anne Newton, Freddy Connolly,

Wendy Hodgson

2. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meetings.

Minutes of the meeting on 1 Oct and the Extraordinary Meeting on 13 Oct were

approved and signed by JAM

3. Growth Plan.

PCC members noted items 8 and 10 of the Standing Committee Minutes.

JAM reported:

- Launch evening has taken place – around 25 people attended and there were many apologies from those who could not attend.

- Funding application was being made by JAM to cover £600 for heating and £70 for a banner to say ‘Church Open All Day. Tea and coffee available 10-12 am’ [Post meeting it was suggested the website address could be added] Action: JAM

- JAM is getting a quote for 12x60cm-ish square fold up tables. All were in agreement these would be useful Action: JAM

- SW and Jenny Hobbs had assessed the South Aisle regarding requirements for All Together Breakfasts, mostly storage and work surface. It was agreed this will have to be discussed in more detail as part of the overall South Aisle Project. Roger Eaton will assess the electrical circuits as these may become overloaded. It was agreed a reorganisation of the current cupboards under the supervision of the church wardens was required. Action: CS/SW/REaton/members of social committee

- Saturday morning 8.30am prayer time is already happening

- Sunday morning children’s work will move to the vicarage from December. This will have a soft launch in December to iron out any teething problems with the aim of actively publicising in the New Year.

- All Together Breakfasts are already going well and are attended by a wide age range

- The church will be staffed and heated on weekdays 10am-12noon from December. JAM will arrange steward training for volunteers Action: JAM

- Pastoral Care Team. Jenny Danter has agreed to lead this. The team will be commissioned in the service on 11th January. PM has provided JAM with a list of those who have been CRB checked. Some of these are more than 3 years old and will have to be renewed. Volunteers will need to specify whether they are applying for checks for working with children or with vulnerable adults. Action: PM

- Rudloe Christmas Party is being wonderfully sorted by JC who provided a written report of progress via JE. Action: JC

- Change of time of morning services will be advertised via notice boards, Parish Magazine, Parish Website, Church Website and weekly news sheets. Action: CS/RD

- It was agreed that JAM would remind people about the Growth Plan during Sunday Service notices. Action: JAM

4. Budgets

PCC members noted Item 11 of the Standing Committee minutes and copies of the budgets which had been circulated prior to the meeting.

SW explained the Budgets and a few small changes since they were circulated (£250 required for microphone parts, £150 for Christmas flower arrangements)

The PCC was encouraged that income was £11K more than expected this year (including a £5K donation – half of which has gone into the General Fund and half into the Fabric Fund). Next year our Parish Share is expected to go up. This year we have had a reduction in the amount of our last payment towards the Parish Share as a token of appreciation from the diocese for our continued prompt payment in full every year.

It was proposed that the PCC should accept the budgets as presented with the understanding that charitable giving would be discussed separately.

Proposed JE, seconded TH and carried unanimously.

Thanks were expressed to SW for all her hard work on the budgets.

JAM briefly explained the ongoing discussions re charitable giving and it was agreed this would be explored in more detail by the Finance Committee and presented to the PCC for discussion in January 2009.

5. Box House Building Proposal

PCC members noted item 14 of the Standing Committee Minutes and a draft letter to Charles Tull. JAM reported that Charles Tull had renewed his offer of space in his proposed development for children’s work. It was agreed unanimously that the PCC would like to thank Charles Tull and that a letter should be sent by our Parish Secretary along the lines of the draft letter. Action: AN

6. Organ.

PCC members noted Item 7 of the Standing Committee minutes. PM had supplied an update to say that Simon Hewes is chasing up the necessary letter from the church insurers. Action: PM

7. Post of Secretary to the PCC.

PCC members noted Item 4 of the Standing Committee minutes.

It was agreed unanimously that the PCC would allow both PD and RD to remain on the Standing Committee but that it is appreciated that this has the potential to cause a bias and if this is found to be happening in the Standing Committee further action will be taken.

8. Reports from Synods.

· From Deanery Synod. DN reported there had been a presentation on Evangelism

· From Diocesan Synod. DN reported that the Diocesan Budget for next year had been presented and there would be a small rise in Parish Shares. This was followed by a presentation about giving outlining the 6 stages of giving (Survival, Shopping, Support, Subscription, Submission, and Sacrifice). The Diocesan Giving Team is happy to help any church who requests it. There was a presentation about ‘Fresh Expressions’ by Steve Croft about different kinds of church for our current culture (e.g. Crossnet in Bristol). There was discussion re within the Diocese there are 4 funerals to 1 wedding. Bishop Mike fed back about the Lambeth Conference.

9. Committee and Working Group Reports.

· Finance Committee – as previously discussed

· Worship Group - ongoing

· Publicity Group - JC reported (via JE) that the Box Art Group has raised £200 towards the church chair appeal. It was agreed our Parish Secretary should write a letter of thanks to Box Art Group. Action: AN. The PWG is looking for someone to write a light hearted half a page each month for the Parish Magazine about the happenings of the PCC. There were no volunteers at the meeting. If anyone would like to volunteer please let any member of the PWG know. Small cards advertising the website are being produced and the PCC were happy that these could be left in church for visitors to take.

· Music – The music group had organised all the music for the village Act of Remembrance. The PCC would especially like to thank Zackary for playing the Last Post, and Brian Nicholas and George Purser for all their hard work setting up. Our Parish Secretary will be asked to write and thank all three of them. Action: AN – JAM will supply contact details. The Christmas Choir was advertised in the Parish Magazine and flyers at school and this has resulted in many new people including families and children joining in which is GREAT.

· Social Committee – breakfasts as previously discussed. The SC will provide mulled wine and mince pies after the Carol Service.

10. Correspondence. Nil.

11. Any Other Business

a) JE reported there are 40 unused kneelers stored under the altar table. She has discussed the situation with June Nixon who oversaw production of the kneelers and it was agree that unused kneelers should be reused in another form. Various options were discussed including long pew cushions, wall hangings and screens. It was agreed these options should be explored and presented at the next PCC meeting. Action: JE

It was noted that the kneelers in the pew areas are still regularly used.

b) JAM has received a letter from PM stating her wish to stand down as church warden at the next APCM (April 2009). JAM explained Bishop Lee has suggested that to maintain balance it would be good if the next warden was a man. AC and PD expressed concerns about this restriction and it was agreed by all that if someone feels called to this position and is felt to be the right person they will be considered regardless of their gender. JAM requested we all pray that the right replacement will come forward.

c) Roger Eaton supplied a written report re Material Matters. The floor in the South Aisle has been repaired but requires a few new wooden blocks. Sanding will be arranged after Christmas. He will obtain estimates for painting/lighting the chancel in the New Year. The quote for lowering the chimney is £1200 + VAT. The Archdeacon is coming to St Thomas’ on 8th December and JAM will discuss plans with him. Action: R Eaton/JAM