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Present: Rev Dr Janet Anderson-MacKenzie JAM
John Tucker, Churchwarden JT    
Debbie Rafferty DR
Sylvia Walker, Treasurer SW
Tim Hammond TH
Robin Parry RP
Judy Seager JS
Jamie Hay JH

  1. Opening Prayers: led by JAM. Apologies for Absence: Rev Clair Southgate, Rev Alice Kemp, Heather Terrington, Diana Northey, Julia Ingram & Pam Farmer.

  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meetings
    Following an amendment to point 6 of the Minutes of the meeting of 21 March 2012, they were approved by the PCC and signed by JAM.  The Minutes of the meeting of 23 April 2012 were also approved by the PCC and signed by JAM.

  3. Notification of Any Other Business
    Rudloe, Open Gardens, Future PCC Dates, New Church Attendees, Musical Worship, Wedding Fees.

  4. Material Matters

    a. South Aisle Project
    The total amount raised to date is approximately £16,500.  The target for this project is £20,000.  Nick Sheppard is willing to help write a grant proposal but is unable to find the time to search for a grant.  In the meantime, JS agreed to search the internet for various grant related websites and will report back at the next PCC meeting.
    b. Churchyard – South Wall

SW is progressing this matter.

c. Tower

JAM confirmed that the work on the Tower has been completed.  However, correspondence has been received from Martin Devon advising that the contractors who undertook the project, DHF Engineering, had incurred more costs than anticipated due to the extreme weather conditions.  The original quote for the work was £2,500 plus VAT, however their final costs were in the region of £3,200 plus VAT.  Following a discussion, it was agreed that the original quote of £2,500 plus VAT should be settled immediately upon production of an invoice and that Martin Devon should ask DHF Engineering to put in writing to the PCC, how the additional costs were incurred so that we can consider the matter further.  Martin would also be asked to confirm what other costs were still outstanding.  JAM pointed out that DHF Engineering had agreed to take on the contract at very short notice when the original contractors pulled out.  She also mentioned that she believed the extra costs were due to the fact that the temperature was so low the resin would not set which necessitated an extra visit.

d. Holly Tree

JAM advised that one of the property owners adjoining the graveyard had reported that one of the holly trees had been cut down unknown to us.  JT advised that he would look at the stump to see if he could ascertain how tall the holly tree had been.  If it is under a certain height, permission to cut down is not required.  After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that, if asked, we would replace with a new tree.

e. Request to plant some bushes

JAM reported that the owners of Springfield have asked if it would be possible to plant some bushes/shrubs along the length of the communal boundary.  JT said he would discuss the possibilities with the owner.  It was agreed that bushes/shrubs were preferable to a wattle fence.

  1. Finance Committee – SW

SW advised that there had not been a Finance Committee meeting since March, however she could report that due to a very generous legacy and the profit from the parish magazine, the accounts were currently looking relatively healthy.  She did point out however, that due to two recent deaths, the general fund income will reduce by £560 per year plus gift aid reimbursement of £112.

JAM expressed her thanks on behalf of the PCC for all SW’s hard work.


  1. Charitable Giving
    RP reported that he has now summarised on the ‘Around the World’ display board, the charitable giving made in 2011-12.   This totalled £4,228 and can be broken down as follows:


  • Community of Sisters of the Church (Christmas, Summer, Easter 846


  • Harvest – Parishioners 84

  • Wiltshire Historic Churches 20

  • Christian Aid 1,831

  • Disasters Emergency Appeal 140

  • Remembrance Day – Poppy Appeal 225

  • Christingle – Children’s’ Society 132

  • Jamie’s Breakfast – Door of Hope Children’s Mission 600

  • Fairtrade – Fairtrade Foundation 150

  • Fairtrade – Charity selected by Box Primary 100

  • Fairtrade – Community of Sisters of the Church 100

  1. Child Protection Policy and Procedures

The draft Child Protection Policy and Recruitment procedures were reviewed.  The PCC agreed unanimously to adopt the Policy as written.

  1. Health & Safety Policy

It was pointed out that we do not appear to have a Health & Safety Policy and we do need to adopt one as a matter of some urgency.  TH advised that he may have a Policy which we could adapt and he will bring this to the next PCC meeting.  JAM said she would ask the PCC at Colerne if they had a Policy and if not she would email the Deanery and the Archdeacon for possible templates.

  1. Growth Plans

JAM reported as follows:
a. Welcome Board and Rotas
– these are in place however some PCC members are still to provide Pam Farmer with a photo.

b. Monthly Newsletter for the Lidbrook Group – this is progressing but has not yet been issued.

c. Book Swop – it was pointed out that this had worked well. Previous Minutes had stated incorrectly that it had worked moderately well.

d. Growth of New Leaders – JAM advised that she was considering co-leading the ‘Exploring Christianity Course’ that Heather Terrington and Angela Dew started last September.  This is a Deanery accredited course.  JH pointed out that the commitment to, and time required for, this course should not be underestimated.

e. Rudloe – JAM reported that although 418 has collapsed, Rudloe is flourishing through two new house groups.  JAM outlined two further projects she has been considering as follows:

Tots Group – in the past, this has been funded by the Baptist Church through Inspiration 418.  There is still money available in the ‘418’ bank account and JAM is considering taking over the Tots Group either as a sole or joint project with Corsham.

Weekly Church Activity – JAM advised that she is exploring the idea of ‘An All Age Church’ on Sunday afternoons between 4 & 6pm either at the school or the Community Centre.

f. Informal lay laid Sunday evening service – Freddy Connolly has expressed an interest to have a traditional choral evensong once a month with the Bybrook Singers.  It was agreed to trial this and these services will be included in the rota for October and November 2012.

  1. Mission
    a. Flame of Hope
    – It was believed this had been a very successful event with most activities being well attended.  A questionnaire will shortly be sent to all members of the Church seeking their views and comments about the event.  The responses will then be evaluated.

  1. Children’s Work Update
    a. Holiday Club
    In order to raise funds for the Holiday Club JAM advised that a Beetle Drive would be held on Friday 22 June at The Pavilion between 4 and 6pm.  All are welcome.

JAM also advised that everyone likely to be involved with the Holiday Club had been asked to request CRB forms.  A number of these have been received and completed, and the next stage is for a ‘checker’ to be organised.
b. Jubilee Weekend
JAM reported that the Songs of Praise had been extremely well organised and well attended.  The Barn Dance had also been a great success.

  1. Update on Weekend Away – 7-9 September 2012

To date, 31 adults, 7 children between the age of 5 and 10 and 4 children between the age of 11 and 15 have signed up.  Numbers may yet increase.

Jonathan Beach, the Forces Chaplain at MOD Corsham, is leading the weekend and Crispin Northey and Abby Beach will lead the children’s activities.

The total cost of the weekend is £4,785 of which £1,095 is to be funded.  To date, there have been two generous pledges of £700 and £190.  £1,156 has already been collected and the balance is due to be paid by the 1st week in August.

It is the intention of the Committee to send out a programme for the weekend to the attendees when reminding them of the balance to pay.

On behalf of the members of the PCC, JAM thanked Robin Parry and Jamie Hay for all their hard work.

  1. Leadership Team/Benefice Staffing
    Heather Terrington and Angela Dew are considering becoming lay ministers.

Clair Southgate will be ordained priest on 1 July 2012.

Phil Daniels will be ordained deacon on 30 June 2012.

  1. Reports from Synods
    a. Diocesan Synod
    – Alice Kemp is due to attend the next meeting.  JAM reported that there are vacancies for ‘lay people’ to attend these meetings so if anyone is interested they should speak with either her or Alice.

  1. Deanery Synod – JAM reported that she had attended the last meeting during which the

following matters were discussed: feedback on Flame of Hope, ideas for the next Flame of Hope Mission, Uganda Fund (funds are very low), new appointment at Marshfield and strategy for working with vulnerable adults and children.

  1. Correspondence


  1. Any Other Business
    a. Report on Open Gardens 2012 from Jane Cox
    Open Gardens has been a success this year, raising £950.  Our prayers were answered when Sunday turned out to be a sunny day, up to late afternoon, which brought out the crowds.  At lunchtime on Sunday, we had only sold 10 programmes but they all turned up from 1.45pm when we opened our stall.
    5 of the 6 Open Gardens offered teas and we thought this might be over-supply but no, everyone sold masses of teas and I think some people had several!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable and profitable afternoon.  The Open Gardens hosts did a marvellous job and I will be thanking them all personally as usual.
    I am now retiring from organising the Open Gardens after 5 years and hope someone offers to take it on.  My advice is that one day is better than 2, Sunday being more popular than Saturday.  I have all the information about the organisation, programmes, past history and advertising to pass on to my successor’.

    Buffy will be asked to write a letter to Jane, thanking her for organising this wonderful event over the last 5 years.

It is necessary to consider a successor and SW was asked to approach Chris Ward to see if he would be interested in taking this on.

  1. New Members – Phil Danter and his wife have recently moved into the Parish and we were all asked to welcome them into the Church.

  2. Musical Worship – this is an area that needs to be considered further however due to an already long agenda it was decided to leave this until a future PCC meeting.  DR read an email Heather Terrington had received about the music at a recent wedding and how positively this had been received by ’30 something non-christians’.  The music had been provided by the Filling Station and consisted of guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.  Heather wondered if such a band could occasionally play at services at St Thomas a Becket particularly as it seemed to appeal so favourably to the younger generation.

  3. Wedding Fees – the fees total £500 with an extra charge for flowers.  Expressions of surprise have been made by some of the people getting married that the flowers are not included within the fee of £500.  JAM advised that the wedding literature would be reviewed in light of these comments to ensure it is clear what it is included, and what is additional to, the fees.

  4. Rudloe – this has been dealt with above.

  1. Dates of Next Meetings

Wednesday 12 September
Monday 12 November
Thursday 17 January
Wednesday 6 March
APCM – Wednesday 17 April

The meeting ended with The Grace