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Present:           Revd Dr Janet Anderson-MacKenzie             JAM    (Chair)

                        Andrew Clark, Vice Chair                              AC

                        John Tucker, Churchwarden                           JT

                        Clair Southgate, Churchwarden                     CS

                        Sylvia Walker, Treasurer                                 SW

                        And 35 parishioners and PCC members.


1.         Welcome and Opening Prayers JAM lead the meeting in prayer.

Apologies for Absence. Charles and Buffy Freeman, Freddy Connolly, Pam Farmer, June Dixon, Lee Towler, Alison Tucker, Harry and Judy Seager, Wendy Hodgson.


Annual Vestry Meeting


2.         Approval of the Minutes of the Annual Vestry Meeting 2009

Minutes of the meeting on 21st April 2009 were adopted as a true and accurate record and signed by JAM


3.         Matters Arising

            There were no matters arising


4.         Election of Church Wardens

Clair Southgate and John Tucker were nominated as Churchwardens, and were duly elected.

CS will need to step down in the next year as she has served 6 years and is also an ordinand. A plan was agreed to appoint an assistant church warden and train them up to take over from CS next year.                                                                                       Action JAM


Annual Meeting



1.         Minutes of 2009 Meeting

The Minutes of the 2009 meeting were posted for inspection by the church doors following the meeting on 21st April 2009 and were also circulated via the church email system. These were adopted as a true and accurate record and signed by JAM.


2.         Matters Arising

            There were no matters arising


3.         Presentation of the Annual Report 

            On behalf of the PCC thanks were expressed to Harry Seager and CS for compiling the Annual Report. The report was duly adopted.


4.         Presentation of the Annual Accounts

            On behalf of the PCC thanks were expressed to SW for preparing the Annual Accounts. SW explained an overall deficit of around £1,500. The proportion of cash collections has increased and the congregation are encouraged to use giving envelopes in order to claim back tax. The congregation was encouraged to give more – even £1 a week would make a big difference.  It was suggested that JAM should give some teaching on the biblical principles of giving. The pros and cons of the treasurer approaching new people directly were discussed. It was agreed SW will ensure the Gift Aid and Direct Debit forms are more obviously available in church. A further note in the Parish Magazine was suggested.  The Annual Accounts were adopted by the meeting.                                                             Action SW JAM


5.         Report on Readers and Sidespersons 

            Thanks were given to SW for all her hard work in coordinating the readers/sidespersons rota and for all those who were on the rotas. More helpers are needed and should contact SW for more details.


6.         Report on Electoral Roll

Thanks were given to Catherine Hewes for coordinating the electoral roll. We currently have 95 people on the role following the recent revision. 5 people had been added and 8 removed (mostly deaths). JAM encouraged anyone not yet on the electoral role to contact Catherine.


7.         Report on Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the Church

            The Churchwardens reported the inventory had been completed and all was present and correct.

Roger Eaton had nothing more to add re the fabric of the building over and above what was in the Annual Report. Rhoda Daniels outlined progress with the organ restoration and the meeting thanked all those who have worked so hard on this project. All chancel faculty works have now been completed. JAM emphasised that the North Aisle pews were NOT going to be removed as part of the current building/renovation plans. Brenda Parry asked about refurbishment of the kitchen area but it was agreed the structural work in the South Aisle needs to be completed first. The cost of the anticipated spire/tower works was discussed. JAM indicated the church architect had indicated costs of around £40,000 but emphasised a final plan had not yet been made and any plans would be subject to approval by the DAC.

Thanks were made to Roger Eaton and Brian Nichols for all their hard work.


8.         Report on Diocesan Synod

            JAM has attended these meetings. She explained that following last years APCM she did voice the concerns of our PCC re the new Diocesan Strategy. This is however going ahead in 2010 although not progressing very fast. More responsibility has been passed to deanery leadership teams. It is still not clear what difference this will make to our parish.  The most noticeable effect so far is that when a vacancy arises the deanery leadership team has had to decide how this is filled.


9.         Report on Deanery Synod

            JAM reported the appointment of the new deanery mission advisor Andy Gibbons (half time post with half time as Priest in Charge)

All Deanery Meetings are now open for anyone who wishes to attend.  


10.       Presentation on The Growth Plan and the way forward by JAM

Postponed until the end of the meeting


11.       Election of the representatives on the PCC

            Thanks were given to Andrew Clark, Carol Gale and Freddy Connelly as they step down from the PCC. There had been three nominations for the three vacancies. Robin Parry was proposed by CS and seconded by JT. Julia Ingram was proposed by JT and seconded by CS. Judy Seager was proposed by CS and seconded by JT. All the meeting were in agreement and these three people were welcomed onto the PCC.

Diana Northey was suggested as Deanery Synod Representative by JAM, proposed by Jo Hay and seconded by Robin Parry. Diana is keen to further the work with Uganda Link.

Thanks were made to Wendy Hodgson who is standing down from her roles on the Deanery Synod and Standing Committee where she has served for some time.


12.       Appointment of Child Protection Officer

            Thanks were made to Phillipa Mullins for carrying out this role. Gill Nicklin has agreed to stand as Child Protection Officer and Vulnerable Adult Officer. As a foundation governor at the school she has already some experience of child protection matters. This was approved by all.




13.       Appointment of Independent Examiner

            The meeting was happy to appoint Michael Williams as Independent Examiner for another year. Catherine Hewes will write a letter of thanks to him.                             Action CH


10.       Presentation on The Growth Plan and the way forward by JAM


Growth Plan

JAM reviewed The Growth Plan, What had grown successfully and what had not. 


Moving the time of all morning services to 10.30am has worked well.

Prayers are held in church on Saturday mornings at 8.30am and Wednesday mornings at 9.15am. JAM encouraged everyone in the congregation to attend occasionally or suggested praying at home at a similar time.

Midweek church open mornings were not well used and have now stopped. The church is still open but not manned.

The Pastoral Care Team is working well. As well as the time they have to spend with people the differing skills of the care team members have been put to good use. Thanks were made to Jenny Danter and all the team.

Rudloe had seen another successful Christmas party. Thanks were made to Jane Cox and helpers. JAM explained there has been a change in leadership in the new church in Rudloe and we are still trying to find ways to work with them once they are established.

Sunday Stars is working well with around 25 children involved. Thanks were made to all the leaders.

All Together Breakfasts are also working well and are well attended.



Looking after people

JAM reviewed the current support the church offers for members of various ages:

Infant Baptism

Little Lights – up to 45 under fives with around 35 adults for the three big annual services and 12-20 children and a similar number of adults for the regular monthly services. Thanks were made to Alice Kemp for coordinating these.

Sunday Stars for primary school age.

Holiday Club planned for the same age group in summer 2010

Teens/Youth Group for 11-18 years. Mostly attended by teens up to the age of 15. Around 5-8 teens come. Thanks were given to Fiona Laverty and Crispin Northey for leading this.

Adults: the Growth Plan says ‘encouraging training and development of Lay People’. We have three ordinands but JAM explained we need to encourage lay people. Various ways were discussed including Sunday services, the Advent and Lent lectures, home groups, The Filling Station (ecumenical service), alpha, the men’s group, and the Thursday Night Live service. Feedback is needed on how these help people grow. The congregation were encouraged to leave feedback and sign up for groups on the notice board in church.

Older people: The Pastoral Care Team tends to be involved with these people. The Wednesday 10.30 service with coffee afterwards has around 15 elderly people attending (they can’t all fit in the North Aisle pews!)


JAM challenged the congregation to think about what is ‘being the church’ across the age ranges. JAM explained her concern about poor individual attendance on Sundays and challenged each person to count how many Sunday services they had attended in the last year and consider if this was enough to sustain them. She encouraged those who could not make the Sunday morning service to attend a service at a different time or come to one of the weekday events. She explained that we as a church need to feed and encourage the community even if we can’t make Sundays. JAM explained the success of the alpha course. Costs had been covered by donations. JAM explained the PCC have set up a Mission Budget for such things. Another alpha course is planned for the autumn.

It was discussed how we can welcome new people into the church. A welcome or buddying system is being considered.

Worship. It was discussed that music during the communion was helpful. It was agreed worship should be discussed further by the PCC.

JAM explained overall church attendance was increasing (following a two year decline prior to the interregnum). There has been an increase in attendance at Chapel Plaister and a parishioners meeting is planned for 8th May.

JAM left the congregation with the final question – how can we as a church feed you best?



Staff Team

JAM explained:

CS is training to be an OLM and in 15/12 will be a Deacon in the benefice.

AK has almost completed her training and will be ordained in 10 weeks. She will be a curate in the benefice.

John Ayers has reached retirement age but will get Permission to Officiate ‘as he is able’ in the Autumn.

Phil is training for stipendiary (paid) ministry so will have to move away in two years.

Fiona is in the selection process for training.

JAM encouraged anyone wanting to consider becoming a Lay Minister to come and talk to her about it.


JAM explained the need to pray, share, encourage, love, care, grow and learn together. 



14.       Any Other Business

            Jane Cox explained the Becket Drama with rehearsals starting in July. She encouraged the whole church to be involved and to pray – previous productions have been a valuable fellowship opportunity.


The question was raised as to whether the PCC is considering a new vision or strap line. It was agreed the PCC would need to discuss this – possibly as another away day.


AC gave a vote of thanks to JAM – LOTS OF APPLAUSE


15.       The Grace

            The meeting ended with The Grace