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St Thomas à Becket Parish Weekly News Sheet

Sunday 30th January

9.30 am           Holy Communion at Colerne

10.30 am         Reflective Holy Communion at Box

6 pm                Evensong at Ditteridge

6 pm                Taize service at Colerne



The church building is open for private prayer approximately 9 am – 4 pm.



God of heaven,

you send the gospel to the ends of the earth

and your messengers to every nation:

send your Holy Spirit to transform us

by the good news of everlasting life

in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



Please pray for those who are ill


Alice Kemp

Karen Goodall Brown


We remember those whom we know,

who are suffering in sickness or adversity,

and those who especially need our prayers at this time.

Also the families of those who have died.


Margaret Rousell

Carole Williams

Matthew Rawlings


***If you could join a small ‘choir’ to sing at Margaret’s memorial service on Friday morningplease let Janet know asap. ***



St Thomas à Becket Weekly Calendar


Wednesday 2nd February

10.30 am         Holy Communion at Box

11.30 am         Meeting about Heart 4 Rudloe at MOD Corsham Community Centre

12.30 pm         Funeral for Matthew Rawlings


Thursday 3rd February

9.45 am           Holy Communion at Colerne

6.30-7.30 pm   Light a candle for the world at Box Methodist Church


Friday 4th February

11.30 am         Memorial service for Margaret Rousell


Sunday 6th February

9.30 am           Holy Communion at Colerne

10.30 am         Lay-led service led by Andrew Clark at Box

10.30 am         Family Holy Communion at Ditteridge

6 pm                Evensong at Chapel Plaister


Face covering rule change

Rules regarding face coverings have changed and there is no longer an obligation to wear one in church. However, you are very welcome to do so, should you wish.


Light a Candle for the World Thursday 3rdFebruary

The next opportunity to drop in to Box Methodist church to light a candle for the world and pause a while to pray a prayer of hope will be on Thursday 3rd February 6.30-7.30 pm.


Lay-led service Sunday 6th February

The monthly lay led morning services at St Thomas’ Church are being relaunched at 10:30am on Sunday 6th February. They will take place on the morning of the first Sunday of each month. On 6th February, the service will be led by Andrew Clark. The theme will be “Dedicating our lives to God”. We will explore this theme through readings, song, a talk and prayer. We look forward to seeing you then.



Farewell to Janet Sunday 13th February 2022– Inside Picnic

We are meeting at lunchtime – for an Inside Picnic! - in the Selwyn Hall. The morning service will be 11am then we will go on into the Hall. We will ask you to sit at tables of 8, which can be prebooked. Please bring everything you would as if it was a picnic, food, drinks, glasses, cutlery, tablecloths, decorations etc. Please contact the Parish Administrator onThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in order to book places, feel free to organise yourselves in to groups of eight to share food etc., or as singles or smaller groups and we will allocate the tables and let you know. We will give more COVID safe guidelines nearer the time with the guidelines current for 13th February.


Please note the service on 13th February will be at 11 am.


GRACE and HEART 4 Rudloe

Grace is our monthly activity based all-age church which we run with the Methodists in their church building. We will need ongoing help with this particularly in the vacancy period when Janet leaves. Clair is able to help with this but there are things which need preparing in the building before Clair can leave school and there are lots of small jobs put together which make Grace work well. If you think you could help, even once every three months, please contact Janet or Clair. If you would like to come along and see what Grace is like please come along this week.


Heart 4 Rudloe is our twice monthly activity based all-age church which we run in the MOD Corsham community centre. We will need help with this in the vacancy period. Again there are lots of small jobs put together which make this work well. If you could help with Heart even once every three months, please contact Janet. Feel free to come along on Sunday.




Once Ian leaves we will need some people to ‘host’ the morning Zoom services if they are to continue.  Please can you let Janet know if this could be you Those who are physically unable to come to church fine these services a particular bonus as well as others for whom the service works well.


Hosting is much easier than when we first started, if you can host a ZOOM call we can easily teach you how to host a ZOOM service.

World Day of Prayer Friday 4th March


Until recently, it was the annual Womens' World Day of Prayer, but now it is an Equal Opportunities Event!


We are hoping to organise the Day of Prayer service again in Box this year, after the Covid-required break. It will be in Box Methodist Church at 6.30 pm on Friday March 4th.


If you would like to join the Planning Group, please contact either Bronwyn Phillips atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Alice Sumner on 01225 743537 (and leave a message).



Alpha Course January 2022

You are invited to join an Alpha course, online and in Colerne, starting on Tuesday 11th January and running consecutive Tuesdays. This is an opportunity to explore life, faith and meaning, and is being run by Colerne villagers. For further information, please contact Adie onThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 07733 073691.


Our church building is open for private prayer and public worship



Regulations around Public Worship


Please don't enter the building if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

Please sanitise your hands when you come into the building.

Please keep households 2m apart where possible

When singing remember it is safer for you to be side by side to people with a longer distance to the people in front.

Please sit in an allocated seating place.

The area in the Hazelbury Chapel will be a 'lower-risk' zone, please wear a face covering if you sit in that area. This is to provide an area for those who are vulnerable or wish to exercise more caution.

Communion will continue to be received in one kind.

We have been asked to continue with test and trace so please continue to scan yourself in or fill in a slip.