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Present: Revd Dr Janet Anderson-MacKenzie, Chair JAM

Andrew Clark, Vice Chair AC

Clair Southgate, Churchwarden CS

Phillipa Mullins, Churchwarden PM

Sylvia Walker, Treasurer SW

Phil Daniels, LLM PD

Jenny Eaton JE

Tim Hammond TH

Jane Cox JC Diana Northey DN

Rhoda Daniels, Secretary RD

1. Opening Prayers were lead by JAM

Apologies for Absence from Carol Gale, Anne Newton , Freddy Connolly and Wendy Hodgson, Roger Eaton.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

Minutes of the meeting on 20th Nov 2008 were approved and signed by JAM

3. Notification of Any Other Business

Box Person of the Month

Support for Alice Kemp

4. Material Matters:

PCC members noted item 4 of the recent Standing Committee Minutes and a report from Roger Eaton.

- It was agreed RE should discuss lights for the chancel with Charles Tull. It was felt up-lighters which also threw some light downward to enable to choir to see would be ideal. (JAM reported she had seen up/down lighters like this in Clyffe Pypard Church) Action: RE

- Painting of the chancel ceiling will go ahead on 3rd Feb by volunteers

- The Faculty which included removal of the pews in the North Aisle expires on 28.2.09. It was felt that not enough work has been done in discussing what will be done with the space made and the implications for the faithful Wednesday morning service congregation. JAM will request an extension to the faculty Action: JAM

- Chimney works are ready to go ahead at £1000+VAT. JAM will be able to write the letter to the archdeacon to get permission for this as a Minor Work now that full details are available. Action: JAM

- RD reported that Mike Lyons (who has cared for our church bells) suggests we get spare bell tower keys cut, and that the holes in the ringing chamber ceiling where the ropes go through need to be enlarged to prevent rope fray. Action: RD

PCC unanimously approved the support of The Friends with the South Aisle Ceiling Project.

JE reported that there are currently 27 unused handmade kneelers and suggested they be converted into runners for the front pews. The PCC approved of the plan to convert unused kneelers into pew runners. This will need the permission of the archdeacon. It was understood that if in the years to come pews were removed we would then have to find a further alternative use for the kneelers. Action: JAM

JE will then organise a working party to carry out the work. She has already discussed the plan with those who were responsible for the production of the kneelers originally. Formal thanks to Jenny were recorded.

SW reported that Dawson Steeplejacks who currently test our lightening conductor provide poor service and cost £34+VAT. She has been recommended G+S Steeplejacks of Radstock who cost £24+VAT. The PCC were in agreement that we should change lightening conductor testing arrangements and SW will liaise with AN to arrange the necessary paperwork. Action: SW, AN

The PCC noted the report from the Chancel Liability and Insurance meeting 14th Jan 2009.

5. Organ

PCC members noted Item 5 of the Standing Committee minutes.

PM explained the insurance situation. JAM reported that Ian MacKenzie had carefully read our church insurance documents which will cover any events taking place during the normal functioning of the organisation but excludes any work outside of this (such as skilled volunteers). JAM will discuss this with the archdeacon to get his advice. We may need to take out a separate policy to cover work carried out on the organ. Action: JAM

Formal thanks were recorded for Ian

6. Growth Plan:

PCC members noted item 6 of the recent Standing Committee Minutes.

JAM reported:

- Saturday morning prayers are happening. Numbers attending vary from one to nine

- The Pastoral Care Team has completed its last training session. CRB checks are being organised. They will be commissioned soon.

- All Together Breakfasts are taking place. They need repeat advertising each month.

- The church is staffed, lit and heated on weekday mornings. A diary is now available to record how many people attend each time and any other points of note.

- Children’s work has now moved to the vicarage. There is a training event on 7th March in Chippenham for anyone who wants to be involved. More volunteers are needed.

- The PCC approved the starting of a 14-18 Youth Group to be run by JAM and Ian MacKenzie in the vicarage. They both have current CRB checks.

- JAM applied for £1000 from the Deanery Growth Plan Fund and we were given £750 for heating, light and the Rudloe party

- 12 square café tables have been ordered and so far £150 of donations has been received towards their cost (£800 approx)

- JC’s report on the Rudloe Christmas party was noted and grateful thanks to Jane recorded. Next steps were discussed. It was agreed our primary aim is not to get more people to attend our church services but to bring spiritual support to people where they are. Various options were discussed such as Jesus in a Beer Glass, social events, a weekly communion service for OAPs with coffee/biscuits afterwards. It was agreed we needed to meet with members of the Rudloe community to discuss options and bring back a report to the next PCC meeting. Action: PD, CS

- JAM reported a possible church plant from Corsham Baptist Church and will find out more about this. Action: JAM

7. Finance and charitable giving:

SW reported that estimated year end finances for the General Fund were indicating an £18K surplus (£8K carried over from the previous year).

The PCC were thankful to God for this, and thanked SW for her continued hard work.

JAM reported on the Finance Committee Meeting of 19th January when charitable giving had been discussed. A report was circulated and the Finance Committees recommendation that the church should “Keep a record of the money etc. that we as a church community are involved in raising to give to others and to have a target which will encourage us to think about our responsibility to others. This would not involve any giving from the church budget as such, and any shortfall will not be made up from the budget. The Finance Committee have recommended that we aim for £4,500 for 2009 , this is 7.5% of our total income budget for 2009, (or 10% of the five budget items ‘traditionally’ used for calculating giving from budget).” This was approved unanimously by the PCC

Any suggestions for a name for the initiative to JAM please.

8. Parish Profile for CS application to train as OLM:

PCC members noted item 11 of the recent Standing Committee Minutes and the Parish Profile and Job Description were circulated at the meeting. JAM explained the role of an OLM.

The PCC approved the Parish Profile and Job Description for CS to submit with her application to train for Ordained Local Ministry.

This has already been discussed with Cannon John Ayers and will now go to the Ditteridge PCC for approval. Action: JAM

9. Work Agreement PD:

PD explained his work agreement as Licensed Lay Minister.

The PCC approved this and it was signed by CS as church warden.

10. Church Warden:

PCC members noted item 9 of the Standing Committee Minutes.

JAM reported that she and CS had met with John Tucker who had agreed to stand for church warden at the next APCM. A round of applause followed.

CS will liaise with AN re the forms which needed to be completed prior to the APCM. Action: CS

11. Reports from Synods.

· From Deanery Synod: WH had submitted a written report.”Last meeting 29/10/08. Open meeting with Paul Bayes who gave a talk on God’s Mission – Our Mission. David Tatton Brown discussed Back to Church Sunday. An event for all parishes to help prepare for this will be held on Sat 28th March 9.30am – 1pm at St Peter’s Church. Tuesday 5th May 2009 there will be a deanery event for the 40th Anniversary of the Uganda Link. £9 is the Deanery amount from our parish. The next Deanery Meeting is also an open event on Monday 9th Feb 7.30pm at Grittleton Village Hall when Jane Gibbs will speak on Mission challenges for churches today.”

· From Diocesan Synod. DN gave a verbal report and details of some helpful resources. Equipped to Grow – Partnership for Mission and Ecclesiastical Property Solutions – Making Better Use of the Building

12. Committee and Working Group Reports.

· Finance Committee – as above

· Worship Group - ongoing

· Publicity Group – last minutes noted [post meeting PM has agreed to take over the task of updating the church notice boards – many thanks]

· Music Group – has not met recently

· Social Committee – no report received

13. Correspondence. Nil . AN reports the palm crossed have arrived.

14. Any Other Business

Box Person of the Month: FC is no longer able to continue doing the BPOM every month. AC, TH and DN all volunteered to do the BPOM item for the Parish Magazine for 3 months of the year each. AC will check if FC is still willing to coordinate this and will liaise with the Parish Magazine. Action: AC,TH,DN

Support for Alice Kemp our Ordinand: AC was given the opportunity to withdraw – he remained but took no part in the discussion. Jam reported the Alice is now 18 months, or half way through her training. The minutes of the PCC meeting of 21st Nov 2007 records the PCC’s willingness to support Alice financially with a book grant. The PCC agreed we would give Alice £300 now and review the situation again next year. SW will arrange a cheque .

Action: SW

JAM remarked that if we ever have a curate in the Parish the PCC would be expected to provide Ministerial Expenses.

The meeting ended with The Grace

Next Meeting Wed 11th March 8pm in St Thomas’ Church